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Google’s Product Reviews Update: Smaller than Previous Update

Data Providers Indicate Decreased Impact in March 2022

According to data providers, Google’s product reviews update in March 2022 was not as significant as the update in December 2021.

  • Google’s March 2022 update for product reviews deemed less impactful than December 2021 update.
  • Data providers indicate a smaller scale of changes in the recent update.

Experts suggest that the impact of Google’s March 2022 product reviews update was relatively minor when compared to the previous update. While the December 2021 update had a more noticeable effect, the recent update seems to have brought fewer changes to the search results.

During the December 2021 update, websites with product reviews experienced significant fluctuations in their rankings. However, data providers report that the March 2022 update did not have the same level of impact. Websites may still see some changes in their rankings, but the overall effect is expected to be less pronounced.

It’s worth noting that Google regularly updates its algorithms to improve search results and provide users with the most relevant and high-quality content. The product reviews update is just one of the many updates that Google implements to refine its search engine.

What are your thoughts on Google’s product reviews update in March 2022? Have you noticed any changes in your website’s rankings? Feel free to share your experience and insights!


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